As per the real estate laws of Botswana, only lisenced professionals are allowed to engage in any real estate activities. A Real Estate Professional is must show you their license to prove that they are credible agents.
Identifying Fraudsters
- They rush you to make payments.
- They make it seem like a highly sought after property.
- They opt for briefcase payments that don't involve bank intervention.
- They meet in shady areas instead of offices or use questionable premises for meetings.
- There exists irregularities in contracts they present

Real estate professionals engaged in any fraud and malpractice and must be reported to the institute. Once they have been reported, we will go on to commence a formal investigation and penalise any members found to be in contravention of the Real Estate Act, REIB Code of Conduct and REIB Constitution .

Reporting Fraudsters
If you believe you are a victim of fraud especially one relating to real estate this is your safe haven. Our Fraud Alert Service is a bespoke platform that allows members of the public to report fraud, scams, and bad business practice.

Your report helps us save the next person from the perpetrators. Tell us what happened. Report a scam, an agent, landlord, tenant or any suspicious activity by clicking below: